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Ayurvedic Gynecology Treatment in Delhi

Ayurvedic Gynecology Treatment in Delhi

Sometimes it gets difficult for us to discuss our health problems with our family members. We feel conscious whether the society and our family will take it positively or not. There are certain health problems that you can only share with a doctor or a trusted individual who will understand your problem. Doctors at Shri Kaya Kalp is like a friend to you and we understand what one goes through when they have problems like infertility or other gynaecological issues.

Shri Kaya Kalp has special Ayurvedic Gynaecology Treatment in Delhi for fibroids, Infertility, Ovarian Cysts, PCOD, Menstrual Problems, Urinary problems and other Gynaecological problems. Our qualified doctors will guide you and tell you about the different Ayurvedic treatments you could go for.

Various Ayurvedic Gynaecology Treatments are

Uttar vasti- In this treatment, we use medicated oils, ghrits. They are instilled into the uterus through the vagina under aseptic conditions. This is useful in treating endometriosis,menstrual pain, infertility, tubal blockage, excessive bleeding etc.This treatment should be done under aseptic conditions by well-trained Ayurvedic gynaecologist only.

Yoni Prakshalanam- In this procedure, Herbal decoctions are passed is through the vaginal route. This is effective for many disorders and it acts as a purification process for the genital organs, Vaginitis, leucorrhoea, vaginal dryness, pain, uterus prolapse, etc.

Yoni Pichu– Small tampons are dipped in medicated oils and they are placed inside the vagina. It is a safe procedure. It is effective during vaginal infections, discharges, uterine prolapse, cystocoele, rectocoel etc.

Our Gynaecological treatments are performed under the supervision of qualified ayurvedic doctors. We will make sure there are no side effects and discomfort.

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