Ayurvedic Skin Treatment in Delhi, Ayurvedic Hair Treatment in Delhi India

Ayurvedic Skin and Hair Care Treatment

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Ayurvedic Skin and Hair Care Treatment in Delhi

Ayurvedic Skin and Hair Care Treatment in Delhi

Ayurveda promotes natural beauty and can effectively beautify and treat skin, body and hair. The outer signs of beauty- your skin, hair, eyes and nails are direct reflections of you overall health. Please book an appointment with our Ayurvedic doctors to guide you for your diet and lifestyle, prescribe some ayurvedic medicines and select specific treatments according to your needs.

Ayurvedic Hair Treatment

The beauty treatments at Shri Kaya Kalp are natural and it is enriched with natural oils and herbs. If you have hair problems like hair fall, thin hair and dandruff, our Ayurvedic Hair treatments can help immensely. The Hair care therapy includes Shiro Lepam (herbal hair masks), Sirodhara and Ayurvedic Head Massages using ayurvedic hair oils.

Ayurvedic Skin Treatment

Women face many skin problems like blemishes, acne, scar marks and freckles. Several rounds to the beauty parlours can damage your skin. It is best to treat your skin with Ayurvedic treatments. Say NO to chemical treatments offered at beauty clinics. Shri Kaya Kalp can make your skin glow by using natural Ayurvedic Skin and Hair treatments.

Ayurvedic Treatments can bring back life to your skin. The treatments offered by Shri Kaya Kalp are free of harmful chemicals and they are made with special care.  We provide therapies for Face Care, Hair Care, Body Care and Eye Care. We put an end to all your skin, hair problems. It is time to celebrate your body by opting for an effective Ayurvedic treatment at Shri Kaya Kalp.

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