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An Introduction to Leech Therapy

By: SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma / 02-05-2018

There are so many benefits of Ayurveda that people are moving to Ayurvedic treatment in hordes, from the more common allopathic and other treatments. Usually, Ayurveda propagates a healthy lifestyle rather than a quick cure for a specific ailment. But there are some diseases that do have treatment schedules as part of Ayurvedic treatment. For example, obesity has seen to be controlled and

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Methods and Components of Ayurveda The Science of Life

By: Shri Kaya Kalp / 21-04-2018

Ayurveda is an exact science perfected over 5,000 years of practice in India. It envisages the use of natural ingredients - fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots, seeds, and bark of plants. The forces of life flowing through the body must remain in harmony for the individual to have perfect health.

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Panchakarma Method of Removal of Toxins in Ayurveda

By: SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma / 21-04-2018

People respect Ayurveda for its efficacy in treating chronic diseases. These do not respond to allopathic treatment methods. The cure is long lasting and does not have any side effects. This makes Ayurveda much sought after by those who remain affected by diseases and infections.

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The Benefits Of Ayurvedic Treatment

By: SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma / 13-04-2018

We have grown used to popping pills for every physical problem we have. The advances science has made are valuable no doubt, but the chemicals that these pills introduce into the body can have several unpleasant side effects. But because the relief usually comes faster, therefore we ignore the side effects and keep ourselves dependent on such medicin

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Ayurveda The Best Cure For Obesity

By: SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma / 13-04-2018

Most people struggle with obesity for several years. Different diets are followed for a few days, after which the person either discards it because it doesn’t seem to be getting the correct results, or the person is unable to resist the cravings for unhealthy food. There are also several pills and health supplements which claim to help redu

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The Fundamental Five Elements of Ayurveda

By: SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma / 27-03-2018

In the Ayurvedic framework, it is these 5 components that shape the building blocks of life. Everything in the universe is made from a specific proportion of the 5 components. By understanding the predominant components of a man, substance or condition, we are then ready to recognize what impacts will be applied to the body and psyche. We would then be able to discover approaches to build the cont

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