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Panchakarma Method of Removal of Toxins in Ayurveda

Panchakarma Method of Removal of Toxins in Ayurveda By: SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma / 21-04-2018

People respect Ayurveda for its efficacy in treating chronic diseases. These do not respond to allopathic treatment methods. The cure is long lasting and does not have any side effects. This makes Ayurveda much sought after by those who remain affected by diseases and infections.

Accumulation of toxins

One of the most renowned methods of treatment is the Panchakarma treatment. In fact, many people know Ayurveda due to this method of removing toxins from the body. The toxins accumulate inside the body when we have improper digestion due to poor diet selection or poor metabolic activity. It may also result due to diseases of infections.

The undigested sticky, foul-smelling, black substance called ama is present in the body. We have to remove this through control of our food intake and exercises. The removal of ama will result in good health and freedom from diseases. This will also remove the stress from the mind. You can take the Panchakarma Treatments in Delhi from the experts at the Ayurveda centers.

Five ways of Panchakarma

The Panchakarma treatment is a combination of five methods (Pancha - five, karma - methods). Abhyanga is the oil massage where the oil penetrates within the body tissues and breaks the toxic material. The arterial and lymphatic circulation becomes enhanced. This allows the nutrients to reach the starved cells and helps remove the dirty wastes from there. This is the first stage of internal healing in the body. Warm herbalized oil is now poured over the forehead to synchronize the brain waves. After this you have Garshana (skin brushing with glove) and Swedana (steam bath). After this you have the Pizhi chili (oil massage) and Udvartana (lymphatic massage). Check at the Ayurvedic Center in Delhi for more details.

The treatment takes many months if not years to complete. One must undergo the entire course if one wants a complete cure. Be sure to consult your Ayurvedic doctor before you begin any treatment. Also, check with him if you find any adverse reaction to the medicines.