An Introduction To Leech Therapy

An Introduction to Leech Therapy

An Introduction to Leech Therapy By: SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma / 02-05-2018

There are so many benefits of Ayurveda that people are moving to Ayurvedic treatment in hordes, from the more common allopathic and other treatments. Usually, Ayurveda propagates a healthy lifestyle rather than a quick cure for a specific ailment. But there are some diseases that do have treatment schedules as part of Ayurvedic treatment. For example, obesity has seen to be controlled and reduced by Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment in Delhi. One prime tenet of Ayurveda is the balancing of the doshas in the body, and this is achieved by several methods, one of which is the cleansing and purifying of blood by using leeches. Leech saliva, which is inserted into the blood during the leech therapy session, has been found to have several beneficial properties.

As an example, let us see how leech saliva can help in the treatment of diabetic condition in a patient. A person who has diabetes has much thicker blood, which has a negative impact on the cardiovascular function, and also makes it difficult for blood to reach the toes and other parts of the leg. Leech therapy, with its anti coagulation property, helps counter the negative effects of diabetes.

Leech therapy puts live leeches on the skin at specific areas, where they extract the blood and also secrete peptides and proteins which thin the blood and also prevent the formation of blood clots. The leeches pierce the skin and these anticoagulants are secreted into the blood within the next thirty minutes or so. The circulation of blood improves as a result, and the formation of dead cells and tissue is controlled. When you take an appointment with an Ayurveda doctor for an unrelated problem, you can also check if the doctor would want you to undergo Leech Therapy in Delhi for some other ailment.