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Detoxify yourself with panchakarma treatment

Detoxify yourself with panchakarma treatment By: Dr. Rani / 25-02-2019

Ayurveda harbours treatment for various ailments of the body. These products are widely used by a large portion of the population as these can remove ailments without having any side effects on the skin. The toxins residing inside the body provide significant harm to our skin & mind. It is recommended that the body should remain free from toxic substances. To purify the body, Panchakarma treatment is considered as the best method.

This is a treatment used to remove the toxic substances from the body. As per the philosophy of Ayurveda, the body consists of seven elements. If the equilibrium among these gets disturbed, then this will enhance the toxicity inside the body. These toxins are very harmful to different systems of the body. So, it is essential to remove the toxin levels from the body. You can experience the best Panchakarma Treatment in Delhi through our website; we are known as one of the leading treatment providers.

There Are Basically the Five Elements of This Treatment


It basically deals with the cleansing of the nose. In this, the medicated oils are used to clean the head & neck portion.


This is the treatment used to cure various ailments of the respiratory tract. The mineral oils are used to provide significant strength to the tissues & cells of the respiratory tract. It helps a lot in curing the imbalance of the bronchi & alveoli.

Raktha Moksha

This is basically the purification of the blood. The pureblood is essential for providing perfect nourishment to various parts & systems of the body.


The purity of the liver is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system.


It is the most important panchakarma treatment & helps in the purification of the whole body. We also have our Ayurvedic Clinic in Delhi, you can visit there anytime you wish to.