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Ayurvedic and Useful Treatment for Gastritis

Ayurvedic and Useful Treatment for Gastritis By: Dr.Rani / 29-03-2019

 Gastritis is a very familiar name for all types of inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach known as the mucosa. It is distinguished by extreme stomach problems such as diarrhea, constipation, cramps, and blood with the stools. Mainly the cause of such problems is due to pitta constitution; when pitta dosha is degraded in people there are more chances of facing gastritis problems. Ayurvedic GI Disorder Treatment in India is to treat all kinds of problems related to physical and mental factors of the body.

There are so many causes of gastritis; consuming too much alcohol, food poisoning and too much intake of drugs like steroids and aspirin. Allergies to specific foods can also cause gastritis, physical stresses, and other major factors. People suffering or facing any such problems should take Ayurvedic Treatment in India into consideration as it is quite beneficial and provide much better results without any side-effects.

Here are a few Ayurvedic Treatments for Gastritis:

The dose of Triphala and Amalaki choorna are provided to patients. These doses are usually three grams thrice per day for about a week.

 Avipattikara choorna is the best choice of medicine when facing constipation issues along with gastritis. This dosage should preferably be consumed at bedtime.

This list of useful Ayurvedic preparations for gastritis; Sukumara ghrita, Leela Vilas rasa, Amalapittantaka rasa, Kaamadudha rasa, and many other beneficial elements.

 It is important to know the best and suitable Gastrointestinal Ayurvedic Treatment Clinic in Delhi before putting it into practice or starting to take it on a regular basis. Besides these, remember to stay as stress-free as possible and do not put in bed instantly after a meal. There should be an exact gap of an hour between consuming a meal and going to bed. Do consult an expert like SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma if someone is facing any Gi disorder problems.