Slipped Disc Treatment

Ayurvedic Slipped Disc Treatment In Chawri Bazar

Slipped Disc Treatment In Chawri Bazar

What is the Slipped Disk?

Slipped Disk holds a series of bones which are stacked onto each other. There are a total number of seven bones in the cervical spine while 12 in the thoracic spine. Apart from it, there are five in the lumbar spine. Actually, these bones are cushioned with the help of disks which is responsible to protect the bones.

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Are you suffering from the pain of Slipped Disk? Then it is a time when you should contact us for the best Ayurvedic treatment for the Slipped Disk. We are running our clinic in Chawri Bazar and have been in this field for 15 years. One can experience this disorder in any part of the spine right from the neck to lower back.

What About The Symptoms Of A Slipped Disk-

  • Pain and numbness in the body.
  • Pain in the arms, or legs.
  • Difficult to stand or sit.
  • Weakness in the muscles.
  • Aching and burning sensation in the body.

Before these symptoms hit you, consult the foremost Ayurvedic Clinic for the Slipped Disc in Delhi, and who could be more skilled and promising than SKK Ayurveda And Panchkarma itself. Consult us today!

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