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Ayurvedic Gi disorders treatment in Delhi

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Ayurvedic Gi disorders treatment in Delhi

GI Disorders Treatment in Delhi

Gastrointestinal problems are increasing day to day because of our sedentary lifestyle, erratic eating habits and disturbed biological clock. Problem usually start with on and off gas formation, acidity, abdominal bloating etc. If not corrected, leads to more chronic and difficult problems. GI disorder can occur in any stage and to the people of all ages. SKK Ayurveda And Panchkarma, one of the best Gastrointestinal Treatment Clinic in Delhi, India, provides natural Ayurvedic treatment for all types of Gastrointestinal Disorders.


  • Having change in bowel habits
  • Having blood in the stool
  • Unusual gas pain
  • Heartburn
  • Experiencing narrow stool
  • Weight loss
  • Experience fatigue
  • Feeling incomplete evacuation after passing stool

To stay away from this problem, you need to keep a close eye over your lifestyle and eating habit.

Ayurveda View

The cause (Nidanam) of digestive disease lies in our actions. We upset the balance of the bodily doshas by indulging our sense of taste in an unhealthy manner. The Vata is upset by cold and dry foods such as raw vegetables. The Pitta is upset by oily and deep fried vegetables and Kapha is upset by cold and heavy foods such as cold ice cream and yogurt. However, when the healthy food is being taken in a wrong way can cause digestive malfunction.


In Ayurveda, herbs,herbal medicines, panchkarma detoxifications are used with an aim of cleansing the body and restoring the balance. There are two types of treatments that we offer in the whole treatment procedure of the gastrointestinal disease called Shodhan and shaman. In these treatments, we focus on the rectification of the lifestyle and bad eating related habits.


Herbal and herbo- mineral medicines are used. Herbal medicine can effectively treat a variety of GIT conditions.


In this process, Sneha (Medicated Ghee or Oil) is being used in increasing dose. This is done in order to saturate Sneha in the body. Here, everyday, the dosage is increased until all the parts and cells of the body get saturated. This procedure is being done in the early morning on an empty stomach. When the whole body gets saturated with Sneha then Swedana is being performed in which whole body steaming is being done.This snehan and swedan is followed by either Vaman or Virechan according to the dosha.


Diet is guided by ayurvedic doctor according to the prakriti and vikriti.

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