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In ancient times, people believed that a person becomes ill fault of their own, that is, make mistakes, and God punishes his illness. If you find the source of the disease, then it is possible to live correctly, to avoid diseases in the future. Thus, identifying the causes of the disease, you can begin to treat Ayurveda. Every illness has a psychological cause, the energy and emotions are transmitted on a physical level and become a pain that is a symptom of the disease.

To combat the disease when it is manifested Ayurveda has the opportunity to intervene with a wide pharmacopeia and with many therapeutic tools, but the most important part of the work is done in prevention.

Effective prevention of diseases is possible thanks to the understanding of the origin of life and the processes of the event, to the understanding of the true nature of man and of the relationships that have - or should have - with himself, with other human beings, with the 'surrounding environment. In practice, this awareness becomes the ability to adjust the power and the individual and social life habits to their nature and the natural order of things.

The disease is not something that suddenly appears, but it is the consequence of years and sometimes decades of habits and unbalanced behaviors that do not match the rhythm and harmony of nature.

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