Ayurvedic Slipped disc treatment in Delhi

Ayurvedic Slipped disc treatment in Delhi

Slipped Disc Treatment in Delhi
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There are total seven bones in the cervical spine and 12 bones in the thoracic spine. Moreover, there are five bones in the lumbar spine. Actually, there is a disc which is a cushion-shaped structure and is responsible for holding these bones(Vertebrae). The vertebral Disc holds a series of bones(called Vertebrae) which is stacked onto one other.

The disc absorbs the shocks from daily activities and plays a major role to protect the bone. One can experience slipped disc in any part of your spine right from your neck to lower back. Mainly the affected areas are Lumbar spine and Cervical Spine. It can put extra pressure on the nerves as well as muscles around it. SKK Ayurveda And Panchkarma, one of the best Slipped Disc Treatment Clinic in Delhi, India, provides natural Ayurvedic treatment for all the types of Slipped Discs.

Symptoms of Cervical Disc Prolapse

Depending upon the position of the disc herniation, cervical spine herniated disc symptoms may cause

  • neck pain in the back of the neck, sides, in the shoulder, arm or hand. Common symptoms are pain and numbness or occasionally just weakness of the muscles of the nerve that is compressed.
  • Depending on the nerve, pain may radiate only into the shoulder or may radiate down the arm into the fingers. Almost all cervical spine herniations radiate pain into the shoulder blade on the side of the herniation.

Symptoms of Lumbar Disc Prolapse

Symptoms of a herniated disc may include dull or sharp pain, Numbness,muscle spasm or cramping, sciatica, and leg weakness or loss of leg function, Sometimes burning sensation in the affected leg. Sneezing, coughing, or bending usually intensify the pain.

Rarely bowel or bladder control is lost

Though, the symptom can be different from person to person. It is required to have Ayurvedic treatment for slipped disc on the right time to stay away from the worse situation.

Ayurveda View

Ayurveda offers a very good treatment that works in almost any case of a prolapsed or slipped disc. Our offered Ayurvedic medications comprise the herbal decoctions, tablets, capsules and oils for the external applications and are very effective in providing relief to the patients suffering from mild to moderate problems. People who are having chronic problems and those with severe intensity of symptoms would require Ayurvedic Panchkarma therapies.

  • Our offered therapies include -
  • Abhyanga (Medicated Oil applications and massages), Swedana (Sudation therapy),
  • Patra Pinda Sweda
  • Kati Vasti
  • Griva Vasti Nasyam in the case of neck related problems.
  • Basti Chikitsa
  • Lepam
  • Pizichil
  • Sastikashali Pinda sweda
  • These therapies are used to heal the nerves affected by the herniated disc.


Vata imbalance causes herniated disc condition. So, by correcting this imbalance, the symptoms of herniated disc get treated. the following ayurvedic remedies and medicines help treat herniated disc condition effectively. Ayurvedic medicines for slip disc are:

  • Gandharvahastadi kashayam
  • Gandharvahastadi Erandam
  • Sindoorvaradi Erandam
  • Rasna saptak Kashyam
  • Yograj Guggulu

You can take 5 gm Triphala Churna with lukewarm water at bedtime on the daily basis. This will ensure the expulsion of excess Vata from your system. Moreover, you can take 5 – 10 ml of Gandharvahastadi Castor oil before food or on empty stomach, once or twice a day or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor to relieve lower back pain.

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