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Ayurveda is the art and science of holistic healing that addresses the mind, body and spirit. As experienced Ayurvedic Doctors in New Delhi, we integrate a range of effective ayurvedic treatments and therapies to prevent and treat disease and promote optimal health.

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Top Ayurveda Doctors

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DGEHS, DDA Empanelled & NABH accredited Ayurveda Center

We are now the First Ayurveda and Panchakarma Centre In Janak Puri (West Delhi) to be DGEHS | DDA Empanelled and NABH Accredited. NABH accreditation implies a high quality of care and patient safety. Patients get services by credential medical staff. It shows that SKK Ayurveda is committed to quality care, thus raising community

confidence in our panchakarma & health services.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Welcome to our clinic for best Ayurveda treatments in Delhi - the oldest medical system in the world that heals from within, eradicating diseases rather than symptoms.

Ayurvedic Consultation

Our Ayurvedic doctors can be consulted for an evaluation & treatment in person at our  Ayurvedic Clinic in New Delhi or over the phone. 


Panchakarma, meaning '5 Actions' is a procedure that thoroughly cleanses toxins from the body that accumulate due to disease, poor nutrition, lifestyle etc.

What our 
patients say

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I was suffering from endometriosis for many years and was referred to Dr. Rani Gupta. With ayurvedic medication and treatment, I have felt much improvement in my condition

Ruma Tomar

I was suffering from back pain for the last many years. There was no relief even after years of allopathic treatment. I consulted Dr. Tarun Gupta & found relief & gradually got cured.

Jatin Vohra

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