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Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course


Ayurveda Beauty Therapy



The course is divided into theory class and practical training. Theory class is taken in the form of lectures in the class room by experienced Ayurvedic doctors. Printed study material is provided so that student can focus on understanding the basics. The duration for theory class is 45 minutes to one hour. Practical training is given as hands on practice in therapy rooms, pharmacy, and kitchen according to the course format. Students should do every practical by themselves to learn better. Time given to the practical class vary according to the number of students in the batch and their willingness to practice. Practical classes are conducted with well-trained Ayurveda therapists under observation of doctors.

The course consists of two duration sets. You may opt for either a 1 week course or 2 weeks. The details of both sets are given below.

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  •  Introduction to Ayurveda beauty care

  • Skin and Hair characteristics with ref. to Prakriti


Face Treatments

  • Steps of face treatments

  • Nasyam

  • Eye Care Treatments / Netra tarpan

  • Anti Wrinkles / Anti ageing Treatments

  • Hyper pigmentation disorders

  • Acne treatment


Scalp + Hair Treatments

  • Head Massage

  • Shiro dhara

  • Shiro lepam

  • Treatment for premature greying, dandruff & hair loss



  • Scalp scrubbing

  • Head Massage

  • Application of Hair Packs

  • Shirodhara

  • Face Cleansing

  • Face Scrubbing

  • Face Massage

  • Herbal Steam/ wraps

  • Application of Face Packs

  • Nasyam

  • Netra tarpan

  • Eye massage

  • Preparation of Rice Bundles for face

  • Rice bundle face massage


»Introduction to Ayurveda

»Basic Principles of Ayurveda

  • Introduction to Ayurveda Beauty Care

  • Body Constitution with reference to skin and hair

  • Holistic Beauty Care through Ayurveda dietetics and lifestyle
    Introduction of Ayurvedic oils and herbs for skin and hair care

  • Face Treatments​​

    • Eye care treatment/ netra tarpan

    • Anti ageing treatments

    • Hyper pigmentation treatments

    • Acne treatment

    • ayurveda-beauty-therapy-2-weeksAnti scar/spots treatment

  • Nasyam

  • Steps of face treatment

  • Scalp + Hair Treatments

    • Head Massage

    • Shiro dhara

    • Ayurvedic hair spa

    • Treatment for Hairfall, Dandruff , Premature greying, Hair Growth & Nourishment

  • Body Treatment
    1. Body Massage
    2. Herbal Body Scrub
    3. Herbal Body Packs
    4. Rice Bundle Massage
    5. Herbal Steam Bath

  • Hand and Foot Treatments
    1. Hand Massage
    2. Foot Massage
    3. Hand and Foot Softening Treatment ( Anna lepam)
    4. Hand and Foot Herbal Packs
    5. Foot Crack Treatments



  • Face Cleansing and scrubbing

  • Face Massgae

  • Herbal Steam/ wraps

  • Application of Face Packs

  • Nasyam

  • Netra-Tarpan

  • Head Massage

  • Shirodhara

  • Application of Hair Packs

  • preparation of rice bundles

  • Body Massage

  • Body Scrub

  • Body Packs

  • Rice Bundle Massage

  • Herbal Steam Bath

  • Hand and Foot Massage

  • Hand and Foot Herbal Packs

Fees : Rs. 30,000


Duration : 2 weeks

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