Pain Management

Pain Management in Ayurveda

Ayurveda considers pain as an indication of a person’s health conditions. Pain is caused by various reasons. Therefore treatment is determined after analyzing exact reasons of pain in order to ensure effectiveness. Pain has been divided into two types for determining the line of treatment – acute pain and chronic pain.

Acute pain includes a range of pain starting from stomach pain caused due to indigestion to heart attack, which requires immediate treatment. Chronic pain is caused by doshic imbalances and is influenced by many factors like diet, digestion, toxin accumulation, stress, exercise levels and daily routine.


Pain  management in Ayurveda has a holistic view which incorpo-rates  several  therapeutic  procedures. Hence,  prescription writing for pain  in  Ayurveda  is  varied  as  Ayurveda  considers pain as subjective phenomenon which includes therapy to body and mind both.


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Ayurvedic treatments are found to be more effective in treating all types of pain, To know more about the ayurvedic pain management therapies provided  at SKK Ayurveda & Panchakarma, click on the tabs below.