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Panchakarma Treatment

Ayurvedic Panchakarma

Panchkarma has been derived from the Sanskrit word, which means five treatments. The process includes cleansing of the body by eliminating toxic material formed due to illness,poor lifestyle,toxic medicines and poor nutrition. Panchakarma, a therapy for achieving balance in body, mind and consciousness. It removes accumulated waste materials from the body and corrects imbalances of doshas (vata, pitta and kapha). 

Your body naturally has the ability to evict waste materials, but an imbalanced diet, lifestyle, lack of exercise and genetic susceptibility disorganizes the digestive system (agni), hormones and metabolic factors which are helpful in regulating the internal homeostasis of the body.

With the help of Panchakarma treatment the cells/tissues of your body are cleansed from within. The process include Vaman, Virechan, Vasti, Nasyam and Raktamokshan. According to Ayurvedic knowledge, Panchakarma should be received as a regular seasonal treatment for maintaining physical and mental health. For any disease, it can be taken as and when required (under the guidance of Ayurvedic doctors)


Body waste/toxins in Ayurvedic terms is known as 'Ama'. These are harmful substances, which should be completely eliminated from the body.



Panchakarma therapy is given depending on the age, immune status, type of Ayurvedic constitution (prakriti), and many other factors. The treatment is done as per the need of individuals. 


Correct admintration of panchakarma treatments is as important as the treatment itself. Our doctors at SKK Ayurveda and Panchkarma administer panchakarma in a proper sequence for a particular time period for best results.

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At SKK Ayurveda And Panchkarma, specially formulated herbs and herbal oils that are made in India and administered by our Ayurvedic doctors are used. The Panchkarma treatment helps balance doshas, rejuvenates the body, mind and consciousness. We also provide constitutional analysis of the body to determine what course of treatment is best suited for you because the nature of panchakarma reatments varies from person to person, there is no 'one glove fits all' approach at all.

The process of Panchkarma treatment is sectioned into three stages of detoxification:

Purvakarma - The main purpose of this treatment is to soften and remove the vitiated doshas. It includes the below mentioned steps:

Snehan: While the internal snehan consists of ghee and medicated oils, which helps to remove impurities easily, the external snehan includes various types of massages with medicated oils.

Swedan: Swedan or sweating is done in a steam box right after giving the massage.

Pradhankarma - This consists of the five actions as mentioned below:


Herbs are used to induce  artificial vomiting. People with Kapha disorders are usually treated in this process.


Keeping in mind the disease and components of a person different laxative are used in order to remove excess of Pitta from the small intestines.















The blockage in the sinuses is cleared using herbal mixtures or drops. It also helps in balancing the doshas in head region.



 It is a procedure of colon cleansing and called ' ardha chikitsa' by acharya Charak. It cleans the colon and restores the balance of Vata in the whole body.It is done like enema through anal route.







This is blood letting procedure done with leeches, cupping etc.


This includes specific diet plan  after panchakarma process.